back in the day bakery

I was in Savannah, GA for work this past week and had some great food!
One of the places we went to was the

photo 2Back in the Day Bakery
2403 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401


Such a cute little place. They bake everything on their premises, fresh bread, cupcakes, savory snacks. Yesterday, all the cupcakes were green in some way due to St. Patrick’s Day which is huge down there.

photo 5
We ordered two sandwiches, they have a variety of cold and hot ones. The pictured one is the Sgt. Pepper , roasted bell peppers and Pepperjack cheese. The bread was very good, crispy, fresh, slightly toasted. The other sandwich was the Pimento & Pig, Pimento cheese with grilled bacon. A great mix of flavors. The pickled cucumbers were awesome, I surely asked if they would share the recipe and learned that a new cookbook will come out soon and it will have the recipe in it. I will make sure to get it once the book is out.

As a dessert we opted for the bread pudding. While we were on line to order, this seemed to be the most ordered item. So we had to try it and we were not being disappointed. They warmed it up for us and it was heavy heavenly. Soft and gooey in a perfect way, a little bit of a crispy crust and an amazing bourbon sauce on top. I could have kept on eating and eating.
photo 1

If you ever come to Savannah, please go there. I read about it on a guy’s page on FB, @NYC Food Guy. Thanks again, you made our day yesterday 🙂


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