Schweizer Wurstsalat

Once in a while I make my way over to Schaller & Weber ( for some German cold cuts and sausages. The Weisswurst is very delicious and, with some yummy Bavarian sweet mustard, makes a perfect breakfast. I can also very much recommend the Ringwurst, a fine Ring Bologna which I love to eat right from the fridge, preferably without bread.

The main reason though was to get some Leberkaes (German Meatloaf) for Schweizer Wurstsalat (which translates to Swiss sausage salad and it sounds a lot weirder than it tastes, lol). For the Swiss version you add some Swiss cheese (back home I would add Emmental cheese), there is also a Swabian version, which I am not a big fan of, as instead of the cheese you add blood sausage. A dried/smoked version though, but still.


IMG_4487Anyways, I usually use the same amount of both, for the last one it was one pound each.

I start with the Leberkaes, slice it very thin and chop up one large onion in quarter rings for the next layer.



Next comes the cheese, also in very thin strips of about the same size than the Leberkaes.






At the end, I add some Cornichons IMG_4489(I like them for their crunchiness) and season it all with red wine vinegar (my favorite vinegar is Kressi, a Swiss vinegar, which some nice people usually bring me here as the original is very expensive in comparison – $12 here to about $1 back home…), pepper, a little cayenne and add some neutral oil (Sunflower is my go to oil) to finish it.


Depending on ones taste, some salt can be added, but it is usually is not much more than a pinch. Let it stand over night and enjoy with a slice of fresh (rye) bread.



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