Tomato Cheese Tarte

New year, new try of being better with writing on here.

I made a tomato cheese tarte, twice in the last two weeks – the dough came in a pack of two. Yes, I sometimes do cheat and make things not from scratch.

This time, I used pie crust, the unsweetened one. Puff pastry can also be used and, of course, any homemade version. I spread mustard on the raw dough, preferably the grainy dijon mustard, but any other mustard will do, too. It gives it a nice, tangy taste. Even if you forget the mustard (as I did on Christmas Eve), it’ll still taste great! Punch a few holes in it to make sure it doesn’t rise in the pre-baking in the oven that was preheated to 350 degrees. Grate about a cup of your favorite cheese – back home I used Emmentaler, here I use whatever is on sale. This time it was a white sharp cheddar. This is to make sure the bottom does not get soggy later on.








Once the cheese is slightly golden, take out the tarte, layer the tomatoes in circles and salt and pepper them. IMG_2234

Then add the cheese. I like to use a mix of fresh goat cheese (I found the Fairway own brand very delicious) and brie/camembert. But again, any cheese will do, two is a nice number, but there can never be enough cheese in my opinion.


Bake until the tarte has a nice golden crust and the cheese is melted nicely – and enjoy. Works well as an appetizer as well as a main dish with a fresh, green salad on the side.


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