veggie cream soup

a perfect and very quick and healthy dinner for cold evenings like we have right now.
I had some broccoli left over from NYE that needed to be cooked. some cauliflower, potatoes, an onion, garlic and milk – and there you have a delicious and easy dinner.

first I sauteed the onions with some sunflower oil (my favorite) in a large pot – as I planned to throw everything in my roomie’s blendtec, I did cut them into large rings. added one clove of garlic and let everything brown for a bit. I always salt the onions so they get soft without burning. now that I think about it, I should have used butter to brown the two. well, next time.

photo 1 (1)then I added about three small broccoli heads (they were insanely expensive, but organic – that’s what happens when you grab the wrong veggie at WF). I used the stalks as well as some leaves. you might have to clean the stalks a little bit, but no need to peel them. chopped it all up into thin slices (the stalks) and florets (the heads). then I did the same with about half a head of cauliflower. peeled four small potatoes and cut them into eight pieces each (in German, that’s just one word: “achteln”). I added about a teaspoon of concentrated veggie broth, 4 grinds from the pepper as well as the salt mill and let it cook for a bit, maybe two or three minutes, constantly stirring to make sure nothing gets burned.

now you add some water, about half a quart – I am really bad when it comes to measurements. first of all that whole oz. and cups and quarts and what not and then I usually just cook from scratch and add as much as I think it needs. my mom cooks like that, too, and when I was younger and not that experienced in cooking yet and asked her for a recipe, I hated it when she couldn’t give me a specific amount (just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that). and now I’m the same way (am I becoming my mom?! well, that would actually not be the worst ;)). while the veggies were cooking (maybe 15min at the max, rather 10min I think), I learned, that you are not supposed to add anything hot to a mixer. that kind of ruined my whole plan as I was really looking forward to that soup. so what to do?

photo 2 (1)

not having a hand blender (I think I will add that to my to-buy list), the only way I could puree those veggies with with my skimmer (my potato masher is plastic and has no proper handle anymore so that was a no – a regular one should be a good option though) – and it actually worked pretty well. I added about half a quart of milk, some ground nutmeg and some cayenne pepper. and voila, there it was, a great and yummy soup.

when served, I like to add a good tablespoon of sour cream. just gives it that extra kick. enjoy!

photo 3 (1)

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