scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs are kind of my go to version for breakfast at home. I am not good at making a sunny-side up egg, so mine have to be over-easy as the egg white cannot, in no way, be slimy still. and eggs benedict with a proper sauce hollandaise just take too long 😉

I love to mix in whatever I can find in my fridge. last weekend, I had some leftovers from a very nice dinner at taverna kyclades in astoria (which will get it’s own entry) – a delicious lemon potatoe and a bit of greek salad.
but anything goes:

bell peppers
greek green (pickled) peppers
you name it

I usually roast everything, whisk the desired amount of eggs (2 per person is fine, 2.5 if you are hungry) with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and a splash of milk, cream or water, depending on what I have handy. pour over the veggie mix and let cook for a little bit. remember, once you serve the egg on a plate, it will still cook for a tiny bit longer. but then I don’t mind if my eggs are ‘dry’…
as for the sides, I usually have bread, toasted, or some potatoes (if not mixed in already).
you’ll be stuffed for a good while.


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