spaghetti again…. and again with seafood

after a day out on the town, precisely visiting two museums in brooklyn, I decided to make spaghetti again. on the way home I picked up some calamari.


cut them in rings, wash them and pad them dry. it was about half a pound of whole calamari. I added some frozen shrimp which I usually thaw under hot water and put them on a plate near the heat pole to thaw faster.

for seasoning, chop up some fresh italian parsley, slice up a scallion in small rings, crush one large clove of garlic and chop it up, too, and add some red chili flakes. with about two tablespoons of oil, mix it all well together and let everything sit for a bit. in the meantime, cook the pasta. of course, I made my favorite, no. 5 barilla spaghetti.

once those are cooking, heat up another tablespoon of oil (my go-to oil is sunflower oil, trader joe’s has a great one for an awesome price) in a large saucepan and toss half the seafood mix in it on high heat. add a little salt and pepper and once the herbs start browing, reduce the heat to get a little bit of crunch to it. take out this first batch and add the second. after this has a little brown crust to it, put the first batch back in and deglaze with about a cup of dry, white wine.


once reduced, add a tablespoon of butter and finish it up by tossing in the cooked spghetti. mix well and serve with a bit of grated parmesan cheese.


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