Great burger at Tri Tip Grill

30 Rockefeller Plaza
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10112

Today I might have had my new favorite burger in the city.
I was looking for a lunch option and my coworker recommended Tri Tip Grill. I am still testing out all the options in the area, there are just so many and I have to admit sometimes I am a little overwhelmed and wouldn’t mind having my Whole Foods back to which I was so used to. But then, change is good sometimes 😉

So I went over early to make sure I wouldn’t have to wait in line. The food places on the concourse can get crazy during lunch. Not to mention all the tourists waiting to get atop the Rock, but that’s a different story…

I went for the Bacon Cheddar Burger and what can I say, it was a-ma-zing. The meat was so tasty, grilled perfectly, some salad leaves, tomato and a thin slice of onion, topped with a delicious sauce on a juicy but crunchy, if that makes sense at all, brioche bun. It’s a 6oz patty which is totally fine for me, the usual 8oz ones are sometimes a little too much for my taste. For $2.99 you can make it a combo, so I tried the fries which were ok, I still love me some McD fries though.


They also have many other sandwiches and even steak on the menu, so I will definitely be back to try something else.


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