Grilled Cheese

a few weeks ago on a friday, I met some friends for dinner in the west village. as I was a little early, I ended up walking around a bit and paid one of my favorite food stores in the city a visit, murray’s cheese ( I only let myself go in there when I really want to treat myself. when it comes to food, I can go quite crazy, especially when it comes to cheese. cheese back home is a lot less expensive as it is here so it was a bit of an adjustment – hence, it’s a treat.

I didn’t have an idea what to make with it yet, so I picked a little variety of three different kinds of cheese. I don’t remember the guy’s name who was helping me, but he was great. I told him, what I was looking for and made some great suggestions and let me try the different options. the first one I had already picked by its description, it was the tomme crayeuse which the employees mockingly call tom cruise. it’s a soft, creamy, chalky rind cheese, even though, compared to the other two, it ended up being a bit bland. as my next choice, I was looking for something similar to my all time favorite cheese, the gruyere. unfortunately, I do not remember which cheese that was. the last one I chose was the ouleout from vulto creamery, a stinky little sucker. I looooove stinky cheese so the ouleout was perfect. it even got its own little box so it would not smell too much.

even while I was still waiting in line, I decided to make grilled cheese with my selection. I went next door to amy’s bread and got some sourdough bread – again, something that reminds me of home as our regular bread is usually sourdough rye. they had a great little loaf for only $2.

so on saturday morning I made my grilled cheese for breakfast. I used to make them in my toaster grill, wanted to try a real grilled cheese this time so I used my grill pan I bought at IKEA a while ago. love that one, perfect to make bacon also.

I took the cheese out the fridge to warm it u a bit, obviously I wanted to snack a bit while I was cooking…


I put all three on the inner side of the sandwich and added some thin apple slices for a little crunch. as I wanted to have the full cheese experience, I did not add bacon or onions this time which are usually a great addition. I also like to put tomato paste or mustard underneath one cheese layer, but as I had such a fine selection of cheeses, I wanted them without any distraction. it was the best decision.
when grilling the bread, do not forget to butter the outside to give it a little extra crunch.



I can’t wait to go back. actually I am going to a cheese brunch in november, looking forward to that very much. and I am sure I will buy some cheese when I’m there…


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