I recently made Flachswickel for the first time.
They are one of my favorite childhood memories. One of the moms in Kindergarten would make them whenever we had a party there. I only learned now when looking up a recipe that they are actually from the area where I am from.
Anyways, Flachswickel are small, sweet braided rolls. It’s a very easy, buttery yeast dough that you roll into about one foot-long sausage-like pieces and coat them with confectioners sugar. Fold them in half and braid them. Let them rest for a little while and bake them about 15min at 375 degrees or until golden.
They taste great when dipped into your morning coffee 🙂IMG_2719

This is what I used:
(I have a Dr. Oetker kitchen scale that also has grams on it, so I only have an approximate amount in cups)

500g (a good two cups) flour
(I always sift the flour through a metal colander)
1 pack dry yeast
(Dr. Oetker imported from Germany)
1 stick unsalted butter
3 eggs
1/4 cup sugar
pinch of salt
confectioners for coating



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