hotel chantelle

92 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002

(212) 254-9100

one of our new favorite brunch spots is hotel chantelle.


I found it when we where looking for something in the area down there and we are pretty frequently coming back now.
they serve brunch in the bar on their rooftop (which live jazz music) from where you have a nice view of the williamsburg bridge. it has a glass roof now, but from the pictures I’ve seen online, this will be removed in the summer.  they also offer dinner which sounds really delish – I will definitely try it out at some point.

they have a brunch special, $20 for a salad and an entree. they usually have two salads to choose from and several sweet or savory items as the main course. their specialty are crepes, they also have sandwiches (I had the very delicious grilled cheese or a burger for example) the kitchen is french-inspired.
one brunch cocktail is already included in the special (no coffee, but who needs coffee anyways, lol). the best part is that all brunch cocktails are only $0.92. and their bloody mary is really, really good.

we tried different things already

kale caesar salad
(kale and endive with yummo croutons and parmesan. you know the deal)

grilled cheese sandwich
(a very nice twist to it is the granny smith apple – I think I stole that for my recipe…)

bistro burger
(bacon, cheese, red onion – the basic. always good)

maple jalapeno sausage
(tasty sausage, yukon mash and the egg, nice combo)

lox crepe
(the salmon comes from russ and daughters, dill sour cream. I have yet to try it)

buttermilk pancakes
(no explanation needed – very good!)


2 thoughts on “hotel chantelle

  1. Sehr schön aufgenommene Bilder und der Text lässt mir sogar schon um diese Uhrzeit das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen!

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