the pony bar UES

1444 1st Ave. at 75th St.
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 288-0090

I went here with a friend last week, we wanted to catch up after some time. she lives in the area and as she has a duty for me only tall people can do (i.e. changing the kitchen light bulb), this was just the perfect spot to chitchat for a bit.

they have a huge beer menu. even though I am German, I do not like beer too much, hence I go for cider a lot of times. they had a very delicious black cherry cider, unfortunately I do not remember the brand – which gives me a reason to go back.

we felt a little hungry, so we ordered some little things. I like the atmosphere there, it’s very casual. we also came quite early, maybe around 5pm, so it was still empty.

IMG_0808 (1024x768)

there is no hostess, you just sit wherever you like and it’s self-service. they have quite a variety of sandwiches, caren chose the fried oyster&bacon  IMG_0812 (1024x970)
and I decided on the duck sliders. we also shared the naked thai calamari which were delicious – very thin batter and mixed with that sweet chili sauce. I might a have a new favorite version now.

IMG_0810 (1024x768)


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