spaghetti with tuna and capers

my dear friends angi & rachid introduced me to this delicious recipe.

it’s very easy to make and also something that I often make when there is nothing else in the house. all you need is spaghetti (I prefer barilla no. 5), tuna (preferably in water, not oil), capers, onion, garlic and white wine. it even works without the wine, it’s just a little drier.

half a pack of spaghetti
a quarter of a big spanish onion
two small cloves of garlic
one can of tuna
capers to taste
white wine

start with the spaghetti first. once they are cooking, finely chop the onion, roast it with the garlic (I like my IKEA press, just less smell on my fingers compared to cutting it) in some olive oil, add the tuna and then the capers. deglaze with the white wine. the one I bought today was way too sweet, so I used some lemon juice to even it out. season to taste with some salt and pepper (white pepper makes it look nicer) and mix it with the spaghetti. done. enjoy 🙂


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