homemade kaesspaetzle

some of you might know spaetzle, sometimes called german dumplings which I don’t think is a good description though.
they are more german or rather swabian pasta/noodles.

my friend janina and I started a little tradition some while ago that we meet up at her place and cook a delicious version of them called kaesspaetzle.
the dough is quite easy, flour, eggs and water and some salt to taste. the hard part is the batting – you do it manually, with a wooden spoon. the dough has to be really bubbly, only then it’s ready. you can use mineral water which will make it even better.

once the dough is ready to be processed, there are several different ‘machines’ to make the spaetzle with. for kaesspaetzle, the best option is to make smaller, thicker ones called knoepfle – little buttons. the thinner the dough, the longer they get. as a side for a meat dish those are a good option even though I personally always prefer knoepfle.

the spaetzle machine I have is actually from tupperware

it’s great as it is very easy to clean.
you put it on top of a big pot with boiling water and a little salted water, take a big spoon of dough and use the scraper that it comes with to push the dough through the holes.

they only take a few minutes to cook, once they are all swimming at the water surface, use a slotted spoon or skimmer to take out them out and start with the next batch.
the cooked spaetzle just put in a bowl. once they are all ready, we reheat them in a nice big skillet, add some onions (janina always makes great pre-fried onion rings which we only have to mix in), add grated cheese (this is really a personal preference, usually,  sharper cheese is the better option), fresh pepper and serve it with a green salad.
nothing better than that 🙂



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