welcome to my new blog

I decided to give it another shot with my online presence.
as our german new york resto check is a little bit behind, I will try to be more consistent with eat, cook and more.

I chose the name as I wanted to combine my favorite things, first of all – to eat. luckily I can even enjoy eating and working sometimes due to my job in the hospitality industry.

my other passion besides eating is cooking. I don’t do it as much as I want to, but I try my best. people sometimes ask me, what kind of cuisine I cook.
I don’t think it is a particular style or cuisine that I cook, it’s just what I imagine to taste good and sometimes it’s just a bunch of leftovers or stuff in my fridge that I throw together. it is definitely german-influenced, as that’s where I am from and what I grew up with. so a lot of butter and cream and pork – but I always try to balance it out a bit.

the more stands for all the other things that I am stumbling upon on my path through this world. be it a nice (kitchen supply) store, a great bar, my (unfortunately) very rare travels or whatever it is that excites me.



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